DirectingWe started out editing actor reels. Over the course of time and lots of clients we learned what makes a great reel. As more of our editing clients began asking us to shoot their material, it was an easy progression to Actor Demo Reel Production.

At I Look Like Myself Productions, we are a group of professional filmmakers who have shot and edited Movie Trailers, Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Sizzle Reels and more for some of the biggest and smallest studios in Hollywood. We bring our years of experience into making actors look their best by creating footage that they are proud to showcase on their reels. We use professional cameras, lights and audio. Don’t put on your reel that old, badly lit clip where you can barely be seen. Let us make you the star and have you proudly saying “I Look Like Myself!

Hollywood’s Premiere Celebrity Booking Coach Amy Lyndon put us on her channel! The episode is titled, “ACTING DEMO REEL (What Actors Need To Know)”. We are so thankful to be a part of it.