I Have a Question
I have a question…

I don’t have an actor to play opposite me. Do you have any actors you can recommend?
We know lots of actors that would love to be in another ILLM Production.  Though we feel it is best you work with your own people that you feel comfortable with and whom you have rehearsed the scene, we can recommend people.  It’s best to look at our samples for someone you would like to work with.

Do I Need to Credit ILLM wherever I post my scenes?
No. You own the scenes. And although we appreciate good word of mouth, we ask for no credit.

Can I have my friend who is the best editor in the world edit my scenes?
Sure. You can have all the footage and edit it any way you wish.

Where in town do you shoot?
We are very flexible. We can travel and shoot on the west side, Hollywood, Downtown LA, North Hollywood and we can travel farther north to Encino, Tarzana, etc.

Do you provide locations?
We do have some locations that may work for your scenes. We try to work with you to come up with locations. Try to write scenes that would work in locations that you or your scene partner have access to. You will find most scenes can be tweaked to work with available sets and some sets can be cheated to be acceptable.

How long after we shoot do I get my scenes?
Because of the time needed to make your scene look fantastic, we ask for about 5 business days per scene.

I have an amazing scene, but it is over 1 page, can we please shoot it anyway?
Sure. But there is an additional charge. (See RATES).  A lot of actors find this hard to believe, but a one page scene is more than enough footage for your acting reel.

What days are you available to shoot?
We are now only shooting on Saturdays and Sunday.

What is a typical shoot day like? When is call time? How long does it take to shoot a scene?
We start early like 8 am.  We usually try to schedule any outdoor scenes in the morning or in the late afternoon. Due to the amount of coverage ILLM likes to shoot, it requires roughly 3 hours to film a 1 page script. If there is some travel between sets, it could take 9-12 hours to shoot your 3 scenes. So really plan to shoot the whole day.

Do you have a makeup artist for me or may I bring my own artist to the set?
We do not have a makeup artist for you. You are free to have your artist come for a part of the day or the full day.

What if we have some outdoor scenes planned and then it is raining?
If the scene can be converted to an indoor scene, and YOU and ILLM approve it we will continue with the shoot. If the scene can not be shot due to weather, then we will deduct the cost of the scene and not shoot it.  We can reschedule for another day if possible.

Can you edit the scene to focus on me, and then re-edit the scene to focus on the other actor in the scene?
The price for the scene is for 1 final edit. But for an additional charge the scene can be re-edited for an alternative version to focus on the other actor. (see rate page)

I love your work. Do you shoot other things besides actor reels? Will you shoot my music video, web series or full-length feature?
Yes. We would be happy to discuss your needs on a per project basis.