Key Art Photography

We work with a lot of people who come back to us time and time again to shoot bigger projects, like a short film, sketch comedy or music video. Something I highly recommend is to get some good promotional key art photography material for your projects with high quality photography. Too many times I’ve seen a poster or postcard or social media promotion that looks like they put no thought into how their film is marketed. An ad or poster is a lot of times the first impression you get to get people to watch your trailer or short video. Consider getting a great photographer to shoot publicity material.

One of our cinematographers, JJ Onyx, always does great key art photography for some of our clients that need publicity material such as posters or postcards. Recently he shot some amazing photos of the actors for a short film called Crack Cane. The photos were all taken at his studio, retouched by him and then one shot was chosen for the poster. Check out his Crack Cane project at

And see all his work at

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